How to earn more money on Fiverr with the help of Extra Gig Services?

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How to earn more money on Fiverr with the help of Extra Gig Services?

People’s interest in freelancing is increasing. There are many freelancing websites available. But there is a lot of competition on all the websites. Apart from this, many kinds of problems are also found.

But there is no such problem with Fiverr. Therefore, Fiverr is more prevalent. Because here we have to make gigs and sell them. After that, if a buyer is affected by your gig, then he orders you for that work. If you complete their work as per the given order, then you get paid for it.

But on some freelancing platforms, we have to send the bid request. This means that to get the work done by others, you have to make your bids.

Then, if someone looks at that bid, he sends a request for that work. If the worker finds your bid right, he provides you with the job. In such a situation, there is a risk of getting scam or fraud.

That’s why people like Fiverr more for freelancing. But there is some difficulty in selling gigs here. Because the gig has to be made properly here.

If the buyer doesn’t like your gig, then he won’t order you. Therefore, the gig must be made better. So that we get more orders. If you don’t know how to make the gig better, you can click on the link below to find out.

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Initially, the user does have some difficulty in getting the order. But if you are regularly updated on Fiverr, you are more likely to get an order quickly.

Then, when orders are received, they get less money after the work is completed. Because a beginner gets less money in the beginning. But you can also get more money if you want.

You may get more money if you increase your service. For this, you need to edit the pricing section of the gig.

To edit gigs, go to the ‘Fiverr‘ website. Then click on your profile photo icon. Then click on Profile.

You will reach your profile page as soon as you click ‘Profile’. There is all the gig you make. Now you click the gig to which you want to add extra service. The gig comes out open as soon as you click on the gig.

Then you will see the option of ‘Edit Gig’ in the upper right corner. Click on it. Your gig editing page opens as soon as you click. You will then see the section of ‘Pricing’ above. Click on it.

The pricing page opens as soon as it is clicked. On this page, you will see the section of ‘Add Extra Services’ at the bottom. Here you can add service as per your choice. Such as ‘Extra Fast Delivery’, ‘Extra Revision’, ‘Additional Image’, ‘Stock Photos’, etc.

Fiverr Extra Gig Services

You can provide extra service to buyers with the help of this extra gig service. These services are not included in your gig. Here you are offering some service in addition to your gig service. For which you have to charge money separately according to your extra service.

However, most people use extra services after reaching Level 2 on Fiverr. But you can use it if you want. This makes it appear that you are serious about working on a Fiverr.

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